Switz' 3rd Marine clan is arguably the center of the mod.

Sgt. A. Switz [3rd MAR] is a dedicated player of WW1:Source. He is arguably the oldest, most dedicated player in the community. Switz began playing 2-3 months after the release of WW1:Source, and he was horrified at the state it was in. No servers, few players, and a silent dev team. He saw potential, so he set up the 3rd Marines and set the ball moving for its revival. He is the biggest, best, and most important player in WW1:Source.

A. Switz

Switz began playing 2-3 months after the release of WW1:Source, and immediatley realised the dire state the mod was in. Switz had previously been apart of a  DOD:S Realism Unit for several years, and he began to form an idea from those memories. These memories became the Third Marines Regiment. Switz, a Marine Veteran, modeled his clan after a real Marine rifle regiment. He built his server up, brought activity back up, and gave the developers an obvious smack.

Because of his actions, we have WW1:Source.

The community and Switz

Switz is the center of the community. He has, time and again, brought it back up and saved it from its destruction. He deserves the thanks of every WWl:Source player. The WWl:Source community is proud to have him.


Switz remarking on the Community.

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