The Community Size Meter is a measuring system developed by Angel to record the size of the Community during the Surge and afterwards.

The varying levels of size are as follows (and can apply to other gaming communities, explaining the high numbers)

(Server count is not always accurate. Stage number is based more on player count, rather than amount of servers.)

WW1:Source is currently at Stage II. At its height, a record Stage IV.

Stage I-Only and handful actively play, new players are unheard of, if not nonexistent. No dedicated servers.

Stage II-Several play, new players are seen occasionaly, few dedicated servers.

Stage III-More than 50 people play the game actively, several dedicated servers.

Stage IV-More than 100 people play the game actively, 10+ dedicated servers.

Stage V-More than 500 people play the game actively, 20-30+ dedicated servers.

Stage VI-More than 1000 people play the game actively, 50+ dedicated servers.

Stage VII-More than 10,000 people play the game actively, 100+ dedicated servers.

Stage VIII-More than 100,000 people play the game actively, 10,000+ dedicated servers.

Stage IX-More than 1,000,000 people play the game actively, 100,000+ dedicated servers/dev owned servers.

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