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Welcome to the The WW1:Source Wiki

Please do not remove content designed to assist new players, such as aiming tips, user-commands, and game mechanics.

This wiki is dedicated to WW1:Source, a Half Life 2 total conversion modification utilizing Valve's Source Engine. This mod is set in the middle of World War One where players can take on the role of an Allied or Central Powers soldier. It is a multiplayer tactical first person shooter; players can choose from the three classes: Rifleman, Machine Gunner, or Officer. The mod is currently downloadable on this website -  Please contribute to our community, and enjoy!

We highly recommend new players READ THIS FIRST.

Allied Weapons Central Powers Weapons Maps Classes Miscellaneous Game Modes Clans                      Teams                        
Lee Enfield Gewehr 98 The Somme Rifleman Medic plugin Realism 3rd Marines Regiment Allied Forces
Mills Bomb Model 24 Stielhandgranate Marne Machine Gunner Seal Charge City Defense League of Clans Central Powers
Webley Mk VI Revolver MG 08/15 Bunker Officer Betsie Conquest Royal Winnipeg Rifles 90th Battalion
Lewis Gun Luger Pistol 08 Devilswood Marksman A. Switz Assassination 9th Ranger Regiment
Passchendaele Bomber "Big 3" Kingdom of Arkayon
Machinegun Crewman Developer Team 9th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Empire of Galyrei
20th Artists Rifles

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